Checkout is open and we are business as usual Spril 2024. Any questions regarding orders please email- info@ozgear.is

27 March 2024

I hope everyone is keeping safe and healthy in this time. We are 100% operational and orders are being dispatched daily. So you should expect your orders as usual (there may be some slight delays from the auspost side of things.)

-We have always maintained hygienic and a clean working environment, as you can imagine given the nature of products we sell and the necessity for security on our end. So be confident everything is delivered clean and safe.

-No signature is required on delivery

-Everything you see in stock, you can order for immediate delivery. We have been working hard to ensure no supply issues.

If you have any questions please email us at info@ozgear.is

11 thoughts on “Checkout is open and we are business as usual Spril 2024. Any questions regarding orders please email- info@ozgear.is

  1. firestrikersyt says:

    That’s good! Keep up the good work guys, also when will you guys acquire Hexarelin?

  2. Wiszo says:

    Thanks guys appreciate your efforts

  3. Happyman says:

    Thanks guys came through for me in a time of need

  4. Michael says:

    These guys are the real deal order came through
    Keep up the great work guys

  5. nottoobig says:

    You blokes and or ladies are dead set legends!!

  6. Daniel W says:

    Reliable quality products
    Very happy repeat customer

  7. LoneyGhost69 says:

    Never disappoint… always deliver quality!!

  8. Luke daws says:

    I live in Australia and not in a rural area so if I get express post why might there be a chance of not receiving the goods I spent lots of money on as I want it ASAP once paid? It say that within Australia it will not go through customs but says there might be a chance of no delivery if I choose express post?

    1. ADMIN says:

      Express parcels are sent via Air freight and have to go through the aviation transport systems. This includes going through X-ray scanners at all depots. Further, express parcels are targeted at much higher rates for this exact reason. Unfortunately we can’t be held accountable for the loss of product if a customer chooses express post. However if you we will always reship and cover the loss of products if the safer method is chosen.

  9. luked8672 says:

    Also keep up the great work guys

  10. Luke daws says:

    Super quick delivery! Thanks!!

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